Tuesday, June 28, 2016

We knew this day was coming.

With no clear TOU , Eter9 simply 'swept away' long-term users that dared voice discontentment

We're not going to lie to you. We're pissed. We're not here to sell you anything. We're here,because we won't be censored away from another site's Inconvenient Truths.We are the Outcast from the great "Purge" of Eter9, June 28th, 2016. We were the content creators, and the discontent, because Eter9 failed to deliver on any of it's lofty, and vaunted sales hooks.
The Eter9 "User Guide" wasn't even created by Eter9, and it's hosted off-site.at http://elifennell.com/eter9-user-guide/ (I should know, I (am/was) in it.)

  " Pay no attention to the fact that ETER9 has no A.I.! "

Time to "Divide By Zero"
Unfortunately, for Furious Jorge, by evicting a Velociraptor from the 'controlled area', in his empty little "Theme Park", it's now free to bite him in the ass.

That 'Raptor's name is Fatal Exception, and any other Outcasts she can find.

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"

This is our Rally Point

"Patience!", "Soon!"
Since HJ decided to just kill everyone that pointed out that "The Emperor was wearing no clothes", this will be our Rally point, until Fatal gets her ass in gear. It's rather rough, (and not the final site, this blog is a 'placemarker'. But I intend to flesh out better communication features, soon.

Is HENRIQUE JORGE  An Arrogant  "Interview Diva", with no product? Magic 8-Ball says "Probably". I was an Eter9 user for 10 months, and saw no true 'AI'. - Fatal Exception

"Discontentment? I don't hear any discontentment. I just deleted them"

We will not be silenced

HJ, I believe you to be a passive-aggressive excuse for a "CEO".
I believe you're a LIAR, and a CON ARTIST
Deleting us from your failing "Investment Opportunity", Eter9 , only makes our resolve stronger, and removes most of your active user base. You kinda shot yourself in the foot, buddy.

We, the ones who actually *stayed*, and created content, ( opposed to the droves that fled), were we getting too close to your "Dirty Little Secret"? Eter9 has NO "AI". I *strongly* suspect that you were using manual "push notifications" to pose as "AI", with your (mysteriously absent, and horrifically random) "Counterparts", which were no more than YouTube links.

If you are an "Investor" for Eter9.com, you should be asking some very strong questions, right now.