Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Don't trust me.

You will never hear me ask or tell you to "trust me". It was true for me on Eter9, (Over 11 months, 800+ "Eternalazations", and annoyingly consistent posting and commenting activity. I am told it's rather quiet at Eter9, without Fatal. I expect , over time, if this crappy little blog gains any kind of traction, that people will simply accuse me of "Sour Grapes", and hey, that's their right. I will never ask you to take anything "on faith". I will promise nothing, and leave it to YOU to check the veracity of my links. Decide for yourself.

Am I biased? You better believe I am. an aging Gemini, and an INTP, and I am Moody French Girl, You remember the French Revolution, right?  We don't grind axes, we grind guillotines.

For all the "free press" Henrique Jorge enjoyed in 2015-2016, nowhere did I see any kind of "Journalistic Integrity". Everyone swallowed, and forwarded HJ's lofty sci-fi promises. Within Eter9, all we heard was "Patience", and "Soon". For 11 months, that's all I heard. No blog, no company updates, no company development, whatsoever. Where , among all the "Professional Reporters" was the coverage of "Hype vs Reality"? Nowhere. You've seen what I , a professional nobody, can find...all it takes is one hungry, professional journalist, with integrity, to question why after all this time, the Emperor is Still wearing no clothes. Here's me, holding my breath.

Over time, we began, within Eter9, to simply dismiss Henrique Jorge. We could all see it. "All promises, no product". We built a Community, regardless. A defiant, snarky, and irreverent community, but it was Community, nonetheless.Now, certain accounts have been 'released' allowing people to return to their data, and I'm glad for them, At the very least, they can now retrieve what data is allowed to them. Minus Fatal.

Here's the thing about Eter9: if a user account is disabled/taken down, *any* shares, comments, or posts from that User go *poof*, as well. As for me, I'm quite okay with losing my 'data', I stopped taking Eter9 seriously long ago. It's about the *people*. From a technological standpoint, Eter9 was a dismally cumbersome site for "social Media". For all the "thousands" that signed up, (I'm looking at YOU, V-Sauce), the ones that remained watched as Eter9's main stream started slowing further, and further, until it became stagnant.

I will not go back to Eter9. I will not populate his sub-par site. I will not exist under a shadow of being exiled, should I not please His Highness. I will, instead Flip the Bird at Zeus, and laugh as he rumbles in his impotence.

Of Counterparts, and Countertops, and Cabbages, and "Kings"

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Something has been bothering me, about "CEO" Henrique Jorge.
Aside from the deep archives of AutoNet", there isn't really any *history* to the guy. His LinkdIn lists only Eter9, and Autonet (for 21 years).
After scouring all his IP's it's obvious he's not making money, atm, on Eter9, and profitability from AutoNet doesn't seem likely, especially when both claim to have 9 employees.  
Anyone who has used Eter9 for any length of time would agree that Henrique Jorges presence, on his own network, is roughly akin to "absentee landlord". Almost as if Eter9 were a *side project*, or a *hobby*.
How is HJ making the money required to pay for domains, and servers, and (sub-par) social media coding?

Out of all the sites "powered by", only one *truly* thrives, and it has some interesting comparisons.
Meet "Zantia -"inspired by comfort"

Zantia, itself, is a home heating/ air conditioning company. Totally legit company. The only reason I bring this company up, is a few interesting comparisons I discovered while poking around.

"In my opinion, the best business is the one that gathers a lot of information and knowledge from the past to create a new concept" -Henrique Jorge, 100TB Blog

Are these unique, Henrique ? 

Ricardo is an "ambassador" for both Zantia, and Eter9, ?
Must just be a coincidence, right?

"What are the odds?" (And what is her name?)

Here's a photo from the Zantia Facebook stream, "just because"...
"Inspired by Comfort." Wait...waitaminute...wut?
Oh, man, that's just *way* too creepy. Coincidence? I'm leaning towards "nope". Let's try something, "just for fun", and see what we get....

"As time passes, evolution is inevitable," Jorge said ...
I'm no Facial Recognition Expert, but after scaling/rotation, the overlaps are watching him age.
I'm not saying that the guy can't do website design. What I'm saying is that's *all* he's qualified to do. Not once have we seen any credentials, just made up titles, and a suspiciously short resume. I see no "originality" in his work, (or ideas), just "imagery", with no technical substance.

Monday, July 4, 2016

A visual on Viseu.

'tis to be expected. Of course, United States is *well* in the lead, and there's Brave Little Portugal. And nestled in that tiny speck, is an even smaller speck, Viseu. And there is a street in Viseu, Rua Santa Isabel, and somewhere in Lot 2r, in a little web design company named "Auto.Net, Henriqe Jorge and his shills are wondering what to do next.

(Oh, and we'll give all 25 U.K. to SP_Gee) 

Henrique Jorge, Interview Diva

"If you sell it, will it manifest itself?"
Roughly a year ago, the same time that I started using ETER9, there was a virtual tsunami of press interviews, all clamoring around Henrique Jorge and ETER9. "Journalism" that , apparently, didn't include actually *using* the site, or testing any of it's claims. The more you read of them, the more each, and every one of the pieces screams "canned interview". Key words of emphasis :" Portuguese entrepreneur, like that makes up for any document-able experience he, or any of his 9 AutoNet employees have in the realms of Computer Science , or Artificial Intelligence.
"Oh, well, he's a "Portuguese entrepreneur", we don't need to see his credentials."

Let's take a look at a sample of them,  and see if we can spot any trends:

Artificial intelligence social network offers 'digital immortality' through virtual counterpart

International Business times, August 20, 2015

 "A new social network has launched that offers users the chance to live forever through an artificial intelligence counterpart that learns from their thoughts and actions to post and interact in their absence. ETER9 (pronounced ee-ter-nine) is the brainchild of Portuguese IT company AUTO.NET, who wanted to provide people with "the elixir of eternity"."

"ETER9 is not just another social network, it brings fresh air to all social users," ETER9 CEO Henrique Jorge told IBTimes UK. "The concept of immortality is attracting more and more people to the platform as well as the counterpart concept, and this makes the difference.
"It proposes an interesting concept of digital immortality, promising to be the elixir of eternity for its users. ETER9 is a form of social interaction for the new generation, where it's possible to establish connections with both human users and virtual beings. I can create a New Reality where the impossible can happen and eternity is within reach."

"As time passes, evolution is inevitable," Jorge said. "Although AI is not a new concept, it has become more and more present in our daily routine. The potential of AI is impressive, it's up to us to decide how far it can go.
"On ETER9, AI is taken to another level. You have an extension of yourself, which will learn and communicate with or for you. Nevertheless, you can control it. You are the one who decides how much you want your counterpart to be active."

New social network ETER9 brings AI to your interactions

This one , I post because it's an aberration. An anomaly. Eileen Brown actually used the site. Then she reported it. Then she posted it on Eter9. Then she became a "verified" user.  Completely lacking, in this interview, is any conversation with Henrique Jorge. It is, by far, the closest to "honest".

Eter9 User/Reporter Eileen Brown, before she earned her "verification" check-mark.
It is interesting to note that comments are deleted from her article.
Eileen Brown , reporting about 100TB "partnering" with Eter9..with her shiny green check-mark.
And here is what 100TB has to say about it's own "partner" (Don't expect any kind of bias, it's really a self-serving ad for 100TB, itself) )

Start-up Spotlight: ETER9, The AI Social Network Offering Immortality

100TB:   Your start-up has been described to me as “A social media network that promises digital immortality”. That sounds fascinating! Could you please explain your concept in some detail for anyone who has not come across your network before?
Mr Jorge: With its own symbolism, ETER9 provides a set of actions to its users which are specific to a social network, all for free. However, ETER9 is not a social network in the traditional sense, since it relies on an Artificial Intelligence system that continuously learns from its users: each user has a virtual self, a “Counterpart”.
This virtual being is fully configurable and responsible for memorizing all the user’s actions. The larger the number of actions is, the more the Counterpart will act like a conscious complement of the user, virtually interacting with other users when the user is offline or not physically present.
ETER9 is founded on a new concept of (ETERnal) socialization on the Web and it’s characterized by a more human and universal circulation, capable of involving the user in a more wide-ranging experience, both technological and sensorial."

"Mr Jorge: When a user signs up to ETER9 for the first time, his/her Counterpart is born. As a virtual extension of each user, the Counterpart will learn with everything the user posts on ETER9. This is not a static process – for example, if you post some videos and music about a particular band in a specific time of your life, your Counterpart won’t post about that band for the eternity. Your Counterpart had learnt about you during your lifetime, so it collates all the information gathered and will post according to your patterns."

"Mr Jorge: I always liked thinking “outside the box”. Being passionate about technologies and science-fiction, I found myself thinking about a way of exploring AI potential and taking it one step further. When I first thought about the possibilities with ETER9 (a project without a name, back then), I realized it should be accessible to everyone who wanted to have the chance of being virtually eternal! In my opinion, the best business is the one that gathers a lot of information and knowledge from the past to create a new concept, capable of filling the gaps that exist in so many areas."

Mr Jorge: Since the base of this social network is Artificial Intelligence, one of the biggest challenges I faced was building the AI algorithm. Moreover, the goal of ETER9 is digital immortality, so it was essential to guarantee the safety of the users’ data so that their legacy could be preserved.

"I can create a New Reality where the impossible can happen and eternity is within reach".
"I always liked thinking “outside the box”
"one of the biggest challenges I faced was building the AI algorithm."
 -Henrique Jorge

I have one simple question for you HJ, and to "Shut me up", all you have to do is answer it, to my satisfaction : 

You promise what you cannot deliver. Lofty.vague, (and unoriginal) concepts, ,"All hat and no cattle".

Missing "Niners", Missing "Counterparts"

Now *ELIZANINE* has gone missing...or hiding.
Not the first time a Mascot has Vanished. Who remembers "Nina Nova"? Exactly.

When they did start back up, it was mysteriously only for "verified users"
"Verified" meaning Henrique wants your real name, your real photo, and your Facebook link.
Nothing sketchy there, right?

Created the first (of 4) months that "Counterparts" vanished, entirely.
The only thing that really "works"at Eter9 is the Users, themselves.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Users, Counterparts, and Niners, (Oh, my!)

As we're covered before, Eter9 was registered in 2013. Do you remember what came out in theaters, in 2010? Tron: Legacy.

Well, Fatal, what the hell has that got to do with Eter9? Hold on, and play along.

We're going to compare concepts between T:L, and the lofty promises of E9. (Heavy emphasis from the ETER9 "Help" page.)

"The User" (From the Tron Wikia):

A User is a human being who operates a computer in the real world. If a user writes and compiles a computer program, the program, inhabiting the micro-civilization in the computer world, often looks exactly like his or her user counterpart in the real world, though exceptions exist for data pushers and programs written by multiple users. Users normally communicate with their programs by speaking or typing commands into their computers; on the other side of the screen, programs receive these impulses as "calls" which summon them to I/O towers to trade information with the other world. Many programs regard their users, both those who write programs and those who simply use them, as akin to gods, while others have been known to reject, deny, or attempt to manipulate them.

This one is kinda "Duh", except Eter9 refers to them as "Organic Users" It's just You and Me, we, who rail against mortality, pressing keys and making changes.
Removing yourself from the Equation.


"Clu" From Tron: 

Clu, which stands for Codified Likeness Utility, was a hacker program written by Kevin Flynn and played by Jeff Bridges. Clu looked just like his user, Flynn, but talked in a very different voice than his human counterpart. Not much is really known about Clu, except for the fact that Flynn used Clu a lot for hacking and for fixing Flynn's banking statements and phone bill problems. Even Flynn himself said that Clu was his best program.

 "Counterparts", from Eter9:

..through an element called counterpart, which will be active even while the user is offline, both in terms of posting content and commenting. The counterpart will also be responsible for the user’s eternal life. The counterpart will absorb all the information according to the posts and comments, and process that information within the limits of the acquired knowledge. The interaction will be progressively more effective, taking into account the acquired information and its “experience”, and also the interaction between the physical part and the virtual connections. Artificial life doesn’t happen only through the introduction of counterparts; it’s complemented by other beings, which are purely digital/artificial or are the result of other interactions. In addition to the counterparts and virtual agents responsible for maintaining a certain order in this Cyberspace

The most mysterious, and vague, of the Eter9 promises is Niners:

"These beings, which are born out of thin air by means of a module called G9 (from Genesis 9), are available for adoption. The Niners are born, they reproduce and they may die if they are not adopted or if they have no purpose within the ETER9 universe. There will be interaction between the artificial beings and the system’s organic users, since the Niners will ask to be adopted by using the expression “Nine me”. Organic users will make instant connections with the Niners, with no need for approval by the Niner, similar to the process of subscribing a newsletter. Each Niner is born with certain attributes which define its profile and type (artist, musician, athlete, etc.) and they will relate to a certain number of items (pop music, football, etc.) according to that type, randomly or not. The adopted Niner is almost like a valuable assistant to the organic user who adopts it. It can only be adopted by a single physical user and its lifetime will depend on the adoption or the connections, if there is no adoption." -Eter9

Compare to the Tron:Legacy "ISO":
"Isomorphic Algorithms (better known as ISOs) were a race of programs that spontaneously evolved on the Grid, as opposed to being created by users. Their existence was considered a miracle by Kevin Flynn; however, Clu considered them be an obstruction in his mission to create the perfect system

ISOs differed from Basic programs in their appearance and capabilities, but their uniqueness lay in their code base. They were said to be different due to them not be programmed or controlled by functions, protocols and the need for purpose. While regular programs conform to the rigid structure defined by their users, ISOs had evolved, complete with a genetic code of sorts that even Kevin Flynn could scarcely comprehend. This inner structure of their code would potentially have allowed ISOs to develop beyond the capabilities of regular programs

I don't seems passing strange. Did HJ fall asleep during "Tron:Legacy", and got  his "brilliant idea"? My thought is he's mimicking his 'hooks' for potential "Investor Relations", for a product he has no way of bringing to market.. I guess we'd have to ask him...if we thought he'd answer honestly.

The only thing they really have in common is that they're both fictitious.

Henrique Jorge, More questions, than answers.

De São João Marques, Henrique Jorge
Who exactly *is* this man, this entrepreneur, this Shining Son of Portugal?

A previously unheard of name in Academic Computer Sciences, who boldly promises "Artificial Intelligence" for the people.

With so many fluffy interviews, and no actual technology to examine, (and oh, believe-you-me, we're gonna dissect interviews)
let's take a look at this man, and his (known) accomplishments.:

Starting with his LinkdIn profile.
*nowhere* is there Computer Sciences, or Artificial Inteligence

Impossible? No. Improbable? Yup.

[a] (Novas Tecnologias de Informação, Lda.) 

 The facebook page, another Henriqe Jorge regurgitation feed. Created November 24, 2014, it's sole purpose seems to be crossposting for Eter9, even though "AutoNet" has supposedly been around since 1995.

The  Home lair of "The Resilient Automan. "

AutoNet's humble beginnings, (Courtesy Internet Archive Wayback Machine)
And here we see Henrique's fingerpirnts...

"Free Speech", only when it's not about him, I guess.
And Autonet, today:
As it stands now...the same as it has since May, 2008.
Oddly, not a whole lot exists on the internet about "", but it's oddly co-incidental that AutoNet has 9 employees...just like Eter9 has 9 employees...


"Eter9 Living Cyberspace" (Sound familiar?) Was filed for in 2013:
And sat..and sat, for ages..(Much like
Until roughly September of 2015, where is started becoming the site we recognize today:

 I don't know what you are seeing, but I'm seeing a trend of stagnancy, and empty promises.

What I *can* tell you, factually, is that over my 11 months of Eter9 use, not *once* did I see any kind of "Updates" from the Eter9 "Team", nor any revealatory insight to any technology "in development".

From the day I signed up, until June 28th, there was never a "blog" , and never an official "Eter9 User Guide" (That is still an off-site, user created manual), nor any technological improvements, except for a "block user" function, the ability to add animated .GIF files in comments, and hyperlinked user names.

For 11 months, there was not (and probably still isn't) an "Edit" function. Stop, and think about that. An "Edit" function, one of the most common features of any platform, nowadays. It's absence from E9 is glaring.
Don't take my word for it, go and see:

Forget the "Counterparts", (which, due to their erratic, and random behavior), are considered by many observant users, (most of whom are now banned), to be nothing more than Eter9 Admins "Logging in" to a "Counterpart Profile" to post, (and only ever a YouTube link). 
And if that is true, the scam revealed is intentionally deceptive.
Solely on the merits of being a "Social Network", Eter9 falls terribly short, by today's social media standards.

We're just getting started.
Divide By Zero