Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Of Counterparts, and Countertops, and Cabbages, and "Kings"

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Something has been bothering me, about "CEO" Henrique Jorge.
Aside from the deep archives of AutoNet", there isn't really any *history* to the guy. His LinkdIn lists only Eter9, and Autonet (for 21 years).
After scouring all his IP's it's obvious he's not making money, atm, on Eter9, and profitability from AutoNet doesn't seem likely, especially when both claim to have 9 employees.  
Anyone who has used Eter9 for any length of time would agree that Henrique Jorges presence, on his own network, is roughly akin to "absentee landlord". Almost as if Eter9 were a *side project*, or a *hobby*.
How is HJ making the money required to pay for domains, and servers, and (sub-par) social media coding?

Out of all the sites "powered by", only one *truly* thrives, and it has some interesting comparisons.
Meet "Zantia -"inspired by comfort"

Zantia, itself, is a home heating/ air conditioning company. Totally legit company. The only reason I bring this company up, is a few interesting comparisons I discovered while poking around.

"In my opinion, the best business is the one that gathers a lot of information and knowledge from the past to create a new concept" -Henrique Jorge, 100TB Blog

Are these unique, Henrique ? 

Ricardo is an "ambassador" for both Zantia, and Eter9, ?
Must just be a coincidence, right?

"What are the odds?" (And what is her name?)

Here's a photo from the Zantia Facebook stream, "just because"...
"Inspired by Comfort." Wait...waitaminute...wut?
Oh, man, that's just *way* too creepy. Coincidence? I'm leaning towards "nope". Let's try something, "just for fun", and see what we get....

"As time passes, evolution is inevitable," Jorge said ...
I'm no Facial Recognition Expert, but after scaling/rotation, the overlaps are watching him age.
I'm not saying that the guy can't do website design. What I'm saying is that's *all* he's qualified to do. Not once have we seen any credentials, just made up titles, and a suspiciously short resume. I see no "originality" in his work, (or ideas), just "imagery", with no technical substance.

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