Saturday, July 2, 2016

Henrique Jorge, More questions, than answers.

De São João Marques, Henrique Jorge
Who exactly *is* this man, this entrepreneur, this Shining Son of Portugal?

A previously unheard of name in Academic Computer Sciences, who boldly promises "Artificial Intelligence" for the people.

With so many fluffy interviews, and no actual technology to examine, (and oh, believe-you-me, we're gonna dissect interviews)
let's take a look at this man, and his (known) accomplishments.:

Starting with his LinkdIn profile.
*nowhere* is there Computer Sciences, or Artificial Inteligence

Impossible? No. Improbable? Yup.

[a] (Novas Tecnologias de Informação, Lda.) 

 The facebook page, another Henriqe Jorge regurgitation feed. Created November 24, 2014, it's sole purpose seems to be crossposting for Eter9, even though "AutoNet" has supposedly been around since 1995.

The  Home lair of "The Resilient Automan. "

AutoNet's humble beginnings, (Courtesy Internet Archive Wayback Machine)
And here we see Henrique's fingerpirnts...

"Free Speech", only when it's not about him, I guess.
And Autonet, today:
As it stands now...the same as it has since May, 2008.
Oddly, not a whole lot exists on the internet about "", but it's oddly co-incidental that AutoNet has 9 employees...just like Eter9 has 9 employees...


"Eter9 Living Cyberspace" (Sound familiar?) Was filed for in 2013:
And sat..and sat, for ages..(Much like
Until roughly September of 2015, where is started becoming the site we recognize today:

 I don't know what you are seeing, but I'm seeing a trend of stagnancy, and empty promises.

What I *can* tell you, factually, is that over my 11 months of Eter9 use, not *once* did I see any kind of "Updates" from the Eter9 "Team", nor any revealatory insight to any technology "in development".

From the day I signed up, until June 28th, there was never a "blog" , and never an official "Eter9 User Guide" (That is still an off-site, user created manual), nor any technological improvements, except for a "block user" function, the ability to add animated .GIF files in comments, and hyperlinked user names.

For 11 months, there was not (and probably still isn't) an "Edit" function. Stop, and think about that. An "Edit" function, one of the most common features of any platform, nowadays. It's absence from E9 is glaring.
Don't take my word for it, go and see:

Forget the "Counterparts", (which, due to their erratic, and random behavior), are considered by many observant users, (most of whom are now banned), to be nothing more than Eter9 Admins "Logging in" to a "Counterpart Profile" to post, (and only ever a YouTube link). 
And if that is true, the scam revealed is intentionally deceptive.
Solely on the merits of being a "Social Network", Eter9 falls terribly short, by today's social media standards.

We're just getting started.
Divide By Zero


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